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What is sustainable or green construction?

green building

When you hear the words “Sustainable or green construction” you think of a house or a building, in which renewable energies are what provide what is necessary to live in them, but they are more than that. In this post, we talk about the new sustainable and environmentally friendly houses.

Sustainable or green construction is a mode of construction based on respect for the environment and the environment. Construction and green are two words that once had an opposite connotation. Today, however, this is no longer the case. When buildings or houses are built, they must be respectful of the environment and their surroundings. Today, we show you what sustainable or green construction consists of.

Green or sustainable homes are those that are characterized by having everything you need so that energies such as solar or wind serve so that you can live both in winter and in summer. That is to say, that, through renewable energies, the house gets enough power to get heating, ventilation or cooling at home.

It is a mode of construction based on respect for the environment and the environment. Homes created to integrate the latest smart and green technology. Photovoltaic energy, solar panels, heat pumps, wind turbines or rainwater collectors, among others. And they are houses in which it is sought that the materials used for their construction are sustainable.

Types of materials used by sustainable construction

Use of solar energy: to generate energy in the home. The great advantage is that it is completely free and is available in unlimited quantities.

Efficient water facilities: for example, in showers, toilets, use of gray water, which is recycled from showers and sinks. The objective is to reduce the use of water.

Recycled materials: using this type of material always helps the environment. For example, tiles can be made from bottles or floors from reclaimed wood.

Taking advantage of natural light: The design of buildings that let in a lot of natural light is a very important point because it means maximum electricity savings. For example, the orientation of the house and the use of windows and glazing, in the common use areas of the house.

Use of low carbon materials: materials with a large amount of carbon emissions, due to an energy-intensive manufacturing process, must be replaced by more sustainable ones.

Install solar panels with SP Solar and join the Energy Revolution!

Install solar panels with SP Solar and join the Energy Revolution!

Characteristics of a sustainable construction

Not only are the characteristic techniques of green or sustainable construction used to build private houses, but there are many office buildings that follow the same guidelines. Most of the sustainable or green houses or buildings have more than 90% of their surfaces covered with plants, especially the roofs. In this way, it makes it easier to better regulate the temperature of the house or building, as well as improve air quality and the capture of rainwater.

Factors to take into account for a sustainable construction

As you should already know, in this type of construction it is very important to choose the place where it will be built very well, to know the climatic conditions that allow evaluating the most appropriate solutions that will give the best performance of the building.

The construction of the building or house must consist of photovoltaic panels on the roof, solar panels, heat pumps, wind turbines or rainwater collectors, among others.

The construction sector is one of the sectors that are most committed to the fight against climate change due to its contribution to CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, they are increasingly passing laws that favor this type of construction.

Sustainable buildings in Spain

Two examples of green buildings in our country would be the Google headquarters in Madrid, made with sustainable elements, or the headquarters of the Hallotex textile group in Matar├│ (Barcelona).

In short, green houses or buildings all pursue the same objective to use renewable energy, be respectful with the environment and avoid using conventional energy.

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