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Unraveling the fixed rate for SP Solar gas

fixed gas rate

We present you the fixed gas tariff, the calm tariff, with which each kW of consumption will always cost you the same. You want to know more?

The fixed gas rate, in the same way that it occurs with the fixed electricity rate, is often confused with a flat rate. A flat rate consists of a billing system that charges you every month at a fixed price and at the end of the year regulates the price in relation to consumption; what the customer would have paid more or less is calculated and the difference is charged, depending on a single invoice. That is, you pay the same every month and the difference once a year.

At Factor Energía, at the moment, you will not find this type of rate, neither for electricity nor for gas; so if we talk about gas at a stable price, we offer you the fixed gas rate:

What is the fixed gas rate

The fixed gas rate gives you a stable price per kilowatt. That means that you will always pay your consumption at the same price; each kilowatt of consumption we will charge you to, in this case, € 0.050080 if you don’t have heating or € 0.046378 if you have heating *. Thus, the only thing you will have to worry about is how much you consume, not when.

To make it better understood, and taking for example the case of the fixed gas rate for those who do not have heating at home, if each kWh were a candy, each of the candies would cost € 0.050080, five candies would cost 0, € 2504 and so on, resulting from a simple multiplication of the price of caramel (kWh) [0, 050080 €] x [número de caramelos/ kWh consumidos] = consumer price.

fixed gas rate

In this rate, the price stipulated by the gas market does not influence you; It is designed so that you do not have to worry about the hours at which you make your consumption, since, unlike other rates, you will pay the same you consume at the time you consume. To this expense, the fixed term must be added, which is equivalent to the term light power.

Other important information about our gas rates


Although natural gas is not a renewable energy, it is the least harmful fossil fuel for the environment: emits up to 50% less CO2 than coal and is free of impurities and residues, which does not emit solid particles either.

Without permanence, of any kind

Our gas rates they do not have permanence, neither with SP Solar nor among the other rates. That means that you can leave whenever you want and that also, if you want, notifying us a month in advance, you can switch from one rate to another, free of charge, with no change limit and without penalties.

If you need any more advice, do not hesitate to call our freephone: our web, and if you are clear about it and want to start saving gas with Factor Energía, contract gas online and choose a fixed rate; We guarantee that it will be only 3 minutes. We will wait for you 🙂

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