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Tips to save electricity on vacation

save energy in summer

Even when you are away from home for vacation, your home can continue to consume electricity without using any electrical appliances. But why does this happen? In this post, we explain some of the reasons and give you tips so that when you return from vacation your electricity bill is not just another headache.

Do you already have your suitcase ready? It’s vacation time. You close the house and think that you will not use electricity during the time you will be away. But the reality is quite different: the electricity bill remains almost the same. In this post, we explain why. We also give you some tips to stop it being like that. And at the end of the post, for our readers who will spend the summer at home, a series of tips so that they also reduce the amount of their electricity bill.

Tips for not consuming electricity when you go on vacation

Here are the tips. Follow them and when you return from the holidays you will see that this year your electricity bill has been reduced.

Unplug the refrigerator or put it in the cooler position

If you are a follower of this blog, you already know that the refrigerator is one of the electrical appliances that consume the most. It is always on. Generally, you go on vacation and do not disconnect it. Our advice is that you do. Empty it, unplug it, and leave it with the door open. Another option is to put the thermostat in the least cold position possible. Thus, for each degree you lower, you could save up to 6% energy. This second option is optimal if you go for a week.

Turn off the electric boiler

The houses that have an electric water heater know that it is one of the most expensive elements, and it can be 25% of the total electricity consumption of a home. When you travel, it is not necessary to have it connected. It makes no sense to have the thermos connected to the electrical network to have hot water if you are not going to use it.

Turn off or disconnect all stand-by devices

You think that they do not spend anything or very little, but if you leave the devices on stand-by, your electricity bill can increase almost € 70 per year. I think it is important to know that appliances that are connected to the electrical network, even if they are not used, use electricity.

Deactivate the electrical panel

It is the definitive solution if you want to save completely, completely disconnect the electricity supply causing zero consumption of all the appliances that are plugged in in the house. You could get to get a saving of 10% with respect to consumption if you don’t.

How to save electricity according to the days you go on vacation

Depending on the days you go on vacation, I advise you to adopt some measures or others. For example, if you travel alone for a long weekend (4 days), it is better not to leave any device in stand-by mode. You have to unplug them all and it doesn’t cost anything to do so.

But, if your vacation is a little longer, 15 days, it is better to take more extensive measures. Like, for example, turning off the heater because you don’t need it when you are not at home, or raising the temperature of the refrigerator that by not opening the door constantly, will not affect the products that you have left in it.

And if you are lucky enough to leave for a month or more, it is best to turn everything off: refrigerator, heater, appliances, etc. If there is no electricity there is no expense.

I hope that these guidelines have been of great use to you, and when the electricity bill arrives after returning from vacation, it will not be a scare, much less a problem.

Cool Tips to Save on Your Electricity Bill in Summer

In summer it is very important to put into practice some lifelong customs, such as: ventilating the house at night when it is cool, having the blinds down during the day or maintaining a constant temperature inside the house.

Use the fan instead of the air conditioner

A fan uses less electricity than an air conditioner, as well as being more natural. However, if you decide to connect the air conditioning, you should know that the ideal is to put it at a temperature of 24 degrees and not drop below 22. If you drop below 21 degrees, your electricity bill will increase considerably.

In addition, for each degree of less that we put the air conditioning, energy consumption will increase by 8%. You have to bear in mind that the air conditioning is made not to be hot, not to be cold.

Install a chronothermostat

A chronothermostat is used to ensure good use of the air conditioner. This device indicates if the temperature in the house is ideal, and if so, it does not allow the air conditioning to start. It only turns on in case it is very hot in the house. The best thing about having a chronothermostat installed is that when you return home the temperature is ideal.

Open the windows first thing in the morning with the cool and avoid doing it at noon when it is hotter

You should always ventilate your home in the early hours of the morning or at night when the outside temperature is cooler. Never in the hours of maximum heat because it does not make any sense; and instead of cooling the environment you get the opposite effect.

Use awnings to protect the house from the sun and blinds

It is necessary to use all the additional elements that help you keep the house cool without having to use electricity or air conditioning. For this reason, I recommend the use of awnings and especially lowering the blinds in the hottest hours to keep the house cool.

A plus in energy saving

Also, you can use some more tricks such as: putting light-colored curtains, putting plants on the terraces that will help you lower the external temperature or using exterior solar protection elements

At SP Solar we believe that apart from following these tips, it is important that your electricity rate adapts to you and your consumption. If you want to check your contracted power and change electricity company, call us free of charge at our web, or change electricity in just 5 minutes and online.

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