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The Johan Cruyff Arena reuses the batteries of electric vehicles

electric car batteries

The Johan Cruyff Arena is considered a laboratory of technological innovation and one of the most sustainable stadiums in the world with its more than 4,200 solar panels and 148 three-megawatt batteries. In this post we talk about him.

You have never wondered where electric vehicle batteries go once they have been used. The Johan Cruyff Arena is an example of self-consumption and energy saving. We explain it to you in this post.

Reusable electric vehicle batteries to generate electricity

Do you know the Johan Cruyff Arena stadium? It is a pioneer in introducing smart innovations. How to reuse electric vehicle batteries. Today this modern stadium has created an energy storage facility that has become the largest in a commercial building in all of Europe.

At the Johan Cruyff Arena they asked themselves the following question: what to do with electric car batteries at the end of their useful life? And the answer has been to launch a pioneering project that has introduced us to a new use of electric vehicle batteries, reusing them to supply electricity to the site.

In one of the internal rooms of the Arena, some 148 batteries have been installed, of which 85 are new and 63 are used, but which retain 75% of the energy storage potential. And all of them produce enough energy to benefit both the stadium itself and the surrounding neighborhoods.

How are electric vehicle batteries reused?

With a system that combines electrical conversion units and the equivalent of 148 batteries. Through this energy storage system, the stadium uses its own sustainable energy more intelligently and also trades in the available storage capacity of the batteries.

In it, a 3 megawatt battery is operating that stores the energy produced by the 4,200 solar panels located on the roof of the Arena, being able to optimally use the electricity generated to supply power to the attendees, to thousands of homes around and to the Netherlands’ own power grid.

In addition, it also produces emergency electricity, which helps reduce the use of diesel generators and the load on the electricity grid; by avoiding consumption peaks produced during sporting events or concerts.

Why do electric vehicle batteries have a second life?

The battery of an electric vehicle is the key and the most delicate part, because it is responsible for storing the energy necessary for the car to work and being able to move with it.

Also, it is the most expensive element and as you go for kilometers, the battery loses autonomy and storage capacity. In other words, a battery with 300,000 kilometers of travel behind it has less capacity than one of the same characteristics, but with only 10,000 kilometers. It is time to replace it.

However, although that battery cannot offer the initial autonomy, it is still capable of storing a good amount of energy. It is at this time, where the second life or the second cycle of electric car batteries begins. Because, although the useful life of the car battery is over what it was designed for, it can still be reused as energy storage at home, in a public building or even in your company.

What is the second life of electric vehicle batteries like?

If your home has a photovoltaic installation, you could charge the batteries in the central hours of the day and use the electricity when the sun goes down. Another thing you could do is use the electricity grid to charge the battery during off-peak hours, when electricity is cheaper, and then use it in the hours that are more expensive.

What does an electric vehicle battery last?

It depends on many factors such as, for example, our type of driving, speed, temperature, among other factors. Also, the environment in which we use the electric vehicle has a lot to do with it. It is not the same to drive it through the city than on the highway. The average life is about 4 years if we carry out proper maintenance and follow the manufacturer’s standards.

At SP Solar, we have been committed to sustainable mobility and electric cars for a long time and we offer our clients a specific product, Factor ECOMobility. We believe that private charging is the key to the development of the electric car, that is why we finance the project and the installation of the recharging point in the private community parking space, taking care of all the administrative procedures and obtaining the necessary permits.

Install a charging point for your electric car with SP Solar!

Install a charging point for your electric car with SP Solar!

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