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Subsidies for solar panels

grants to install solar panels

Taking the step towards electricity self-consumption is getting easier! We show you how are the subsidies to install solar panels in your home.

It is possible to get subsidies for solar panels as governments are increasingly in favor of encouraging a gradual transition towards a more sustainable and responsible energy model.

Subsidies for solar panels

This type of subsidy to install solar panels available for homes, are designed to benefit this change and promote different forms of self-consumption, as well as stimulate renewable energy and energy efficiency throughout the population. For this, the Spanish city councils of different autonomous communities offer annual aid for the installation of solar panels. They usually offer a IBI discount throughout the first years after having carried out the photovoltaic installation. This initiative makes the initial cost much lower.

The Fundación Energías Renovables has published a report entitled: “Comparative analysis of tax credits for self-consumption in the main Spanish cities”. In it we can find a list with the discounts on the IBI that are offered in the 45 municipalities mentioned, all of them located in provincial capitals or in towns with more than 100,000 inhabitants.

Decree to promote renewable energies

But, the different governments in each region also offer subsidies for solar panels. Getting to cover up to 80% of the investment in projects aimed at improving sustainability and energy efficiency. In photovoltaic installations, whether isolated or connected to the electricity grid, the state program will give priority to those projects whose power is greater than 5kW. And that involve an investment of between 50,000 and a million euros. This is contained in royal decree 616/2017. The awarding of subsidies for solar panels is available to projects of local entities that seek to favor the change to an economy with lower carbon consumption. The Government will subsidize up to 80% of projects developed by municipalities with less than 20,000 inhabitants aimed at improving energy efficiency, including the installation of solar panels for self-consumption of electricity. Thus, during this year, 336 million euros are being allocated to this type of project. But we are going to see in more detail what this program, published in the BOE, of aid for renewable energies in Spain consists of. These grants are intended for both rural and urban areas.

Install solar panels with SP Solar and join the Energy Revolution!

Install solar panels with SP Solar and join the Energy Revolution!

Who are the beneficiaries of the subsidies for the installation of solar panels?

The grants are aimed at natural or legal persons that are included in the following list:

  • Homeowners, whether isolated or semi-detached, or of properties in collective housing or residential buildings.
  • Communities of owners, or associations of communities of owners.
  • Building owners.
  • Cooperative societies constituted by owners, both of houses and buildings.
  • Construction companies, building concessionaires or tenants.
  • Companies that offer energy services.

Requirements to receive a subsidy to install solar panels

In the case of single-family homes, they must have been built before 1996 and be the habitual residence of the applicants. In addition, a technical report and in some cases a project or memory must be provided. When it comes to collective housing, it must also have been completed before 1996. At least 70% of the constructed area must be intended for residential use, except for the lower floors or the ground floor that could have other types of compatible uses . At least 50% of the dwellings in the building must be the habitual residence. You must also provide a technical report dated prior to the grant application. And a technical report or a project.

How much is the subsidy to install solar panels

For single-family homes, a maximum of € 12,000 will be granted, without the aid exceeding 40% of the eligible investment. In some cases, between 75 and 80% of the investment made in the installation of solar panels can be subsidized. For buildings, a maximum of € 8,000 per dwelling and € 80 per square meter of surface will be provided. In this case, it will not be possible to exceed 40% of the investment.

Once the aid has been granted, the period for carrying out the works in buildings or single-family homes may not exceed 24 months.

Where to apply for subsidies for solar panels?

To expand and specify information on dates and documentation, you should contact the town hall of your municipality. Applications can be submitted physically or electronically. And if you want more information about solar installation for self-consumption, you can visit our other posts about it.

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