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Social Bonus, do you have the right to request it? –SP Solar useful guide

Social Bonus of light

Lately, all the media talk about the Social Bonus of electricity but do you know what it is? Who can benefit? How to request it? o What are the new modifications for this year? If you want to know everything about the Social Bonus, don’t miss this post.

If you belong to a family with low income or at risk of vulnerability, the safest thing is that you can access the social bonus for electricity, which is an aid given by the Government and allows a discount of up to 40% on the electricity bill. Do you want to know if you have the right to request it? Continue reading…

Social Bonus of light What is it?

It is a benefit in the electricity rate paid by the Government as a protection system for the most disadvantaged groups that can offer between 25% to 40% discount on the electricity bill. The social bond was created in 2009, after the liberalization of the electricity market and the appearance of the Last Resort Rate (TUR) to protect the most vulnerable families.

But not everyone can benefit from this help; It depends on the members that make up the family unit, on the type of income and on having contracted the Voluntary Price for Small Consumer (PVPC) rate. Also, it is important to know that only this is applicable to the habitual residence where the beneficiary is registered.

Who can benefit from the Social Bonus?

Vulnerable consumer

It is the one found in families maintained by pensioners with a minimum pension.

Also, families with incomes equal to or less than € 11,300 per year (without dependent children), € 15,000 per year (with a dependent child) or € 18,800 per year (with two dependent children).

In all these cases, the discount is 25% compared to the energy bill.

Severe vulnerable consumer

It is someone who is part of a large family with an income equal to or less than € 15,000 per year.

Also, families supported by pensioners with an income of less than € 7,500 per year.

Likewise, it is the case of family units with income if it is equal to or less than the 50% established for vulnerable consumers.

In this case, the energy cost reduction is 40%.

Consumers at risk of social exclusion

They are severe vulnerable consumers but who are treated by social services or the corresponding body of the Autonomous Community that finances at least 50% of their electricity bills. In this case, the financing of the electricity bill is 100%. And, the power is not cut under any circumstances.

Also, it is necessary to know that in all categories of people who can request the social bonus, there is a consumption limit, in kWh, according to the family unit.

For example, if none of the components are minors, this limit is set at 1,200 kWh, and goes up to 1,680 kWh or 2,040 kWh if there are one or two minors, respectively. In the case of large families, the limit extends to 3,600 kWh; in that of pensioners, at 1,680 kWh. If these figures are exceeded, the energy will be billed at the PVPC price.

New requirements of the Social Bonus of light 2018

In case you did not know, this year some news have been included such as: that the deadline to request the social bonus has been extended until December 31, 2018 for those families that were already beneficiaries in previous years. For new applicants, the deadline has already expired on October 8.

Also, another novelty is that it is prohibited to cut the electricity supply in homes that benefit from the social bonus in those who live under 16 years of age. Likewise, this year through a Law Decree, it has been approved that the consumption limits be extended by 15% with what already existed previously, which was the following:

100 kilowatt hours (kWh): for families without dependents

140 kWh: for families with at least one dependent child

170 kWh: for families with two dependent children

300 kWh: for all large families without exclusion

How can you request it? Steps to follow

You can request it through your reference energy marketer but only the Ministry, the body that grants the aid, will decide if the documentation provided is correct to benefit from the aid.

The documentation necessary to request the social bonus is the following:

  • Photocopy of the DNI or NIE of the holder of the supply point and of each of the members of the family unit.
  • Photocopy of the family book or a certification of the individual sheet of the Civil Registry of the holder or of each of the individuals of the family unit.
  • Valid registration certificate for both the holder and all family members, which is one of the most important things to take into account.

If you meet all these requirements you can benefit from the help of the social bonus of light.

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