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Request help for the installation of electric car charging points

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Big cities around the world are making changes in the mobility of citizens. The restriction of access to the centers of large cities for the most polluting cars is already a fact in places like Madrid. But, if I want to buy an electric car, do you offer me any help to install a charging point? Coming up next, we tell you.

Today we will talk about one of the most interesting topics among everything that has to do with energy saving and a more efficient use of resources. We refer to the installation of charging points for electric cars. Specifically, we will explain to you if it is possible to request from your city council or Autonomous Community some kind of help for the installation of these charging points. We will also inform you of all the news in this regard.

Subsidies for charging points for electric cars: where can they be applied for?

For all who have been encouraged to buy an electric carIt must be said that we have good news. It is possible to request aid for the purchase of electric cars and also for the installation of charging points. At the moment, you have a grant of 5,500 euros for the purchase of a 100% electric vehicle. Regarding the installation of charging points, 40% of its cost is subsidized. We want to remind you that, in addition, these grants are both for individuals and for neighboring communities.

All these aids are included in the MOVES plan, and you can obtain more information by contacting your Autonomous Community. You will find all the information on the IDAE website.

Although it depends on the region where we live, in general terms we can say that many Autonomous Communities already offered aid and subsidies for the installation of charging points for electric cars. For example, in the case of the Community of Madrid, a subsidy is offered for the electrical pre-installation of this type of installation for individuals, companies and municipalities. In the Autonomous Community of Navarra, tax deductions were offered for the installation of private charging points. In Catalonia, through the PIRVEC plan, assistance is offered for the installation of fast charging points in municipalities.

Install a charging point for your electric car with SP Solar!

Install a charging point for your electric car with SP Solar!

Other aids for the electric car

You can also contact your Town Hall to find out if any kind of tax credit, such as the reduction of the Tax on Mechanical Traction Vehicles (IVTM), or other aids, such as free parking in regulated parking areas (blue zone) or free access to city centers in episodes high pollution. Also, remember that bonuses are offered on many toll roads.

We hope that this article has helped you to start the procedures aimed at making your life easier. Since SP Solar We can advise you and carry out the project and installation of a recharging point in your private parking space or in your community of neighbors. Join electric mobility!

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