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Quick guide on how to take care of the electric car battery

Electric car battery

One of the most important elements, and at the same time the most delicate of the electric car is its battery. So much so, that its durability and autonomy are two factors that, even today, are in full debate. But do you know how to take care of your electric car battery so that it lasts longer? Today, we are going to give you a quick guide on how to take care of your electric car battery and extend its life.

The lung of the electric car is its battery. And we must take care of it. Still, they are working on improvements to avoid having to constantly charge the battery on long trips. But do we know how to take care of the electric car battery? To find out how, read this quick guide.

Electric car battery maintenance guide

It is known to all that the electric car battery is one of the most important elements for its proper functioning. Therefore, we must follow a series of guidelines to guarantee its durability. Next, we are going to list them:

  • Avoid full downloads

The main reason why batteries stop working is when they are left with little or no charge for a long time. It is important to know that the useful life of the battery is determined by the number of discharge cycles and how they are carried out. Therefore, we must avoid that the battery discharges completely because with each complete discharge its capacity decreases.

Also, it must be taken into account that, if we leave the battery charging for a long period of time, there will come a time when the charger will perceive that the battery has lost a small amount of charge. And then it will let the current pass again until it detects that it is at 100% again. This causes both the charger and the battery to reach a temperature that is not convenient for them and will affect their proper functioning.

The best way to avoid this situation is by installing a recharging point in our house or parking lot, so that the car always sleeps connected and thus you do not have to rush in your day-to-day life. You can visit our article on electric car charging points for more information.

Install a charging point for your electric car with SP Solar!

Install a charging point for your electric car with SP Solar!

  • Avoid recharging the battery 100%

If we want the battery to last, it is better not to recharge it 100%, even if you reduce the autonomy of the car. There are already some models that do not let the battery recharge exceed 80% of its capacity. Some manufacturers even recommend that you do not exceed 50% (and that you partially recharge to always keep the charge level at this percentage).

It is better to recharge little by little, since, as most of the elements that make up the battery are lithium, they do not have memory and we can charge as many times as we want.

These types of recharges are ideal when we are in a hurry because they allow to recover 80% of the battery capacity in just half an hour. However, it is highly inadvisable to always use quick recharges, as their continued use shortens the useful life of the battery by 1% per year., that is, after 10 years, the capacity may have dropped to 70%. We should only use fast recharge when we really need it.

  • Forecast of recharges

Anticipating the recharge of the battery is a fundamental point to avoid falling into bad habits. But, it is a reality that charging points on public roads are still not very abundant, and for this reason we must be proactive and leave home with the battery at least 50% recharged.

It is very important to schedule refills, especially if we plan a long trip; and avoid pressing the charge level to a minimum because in the long run it will reduce the autonomy of the electric vehicle.

To prolong the life of the battery we must establish a recharging routine. That is, some patterns that we will follow every day to avoid extreme situations that can damage the durability of it.

For example, always recharge the battery overnight using smart chargers. These are disconnected from electricity when they first notice that the battery is fully charged, and will not let it pass again unless they are unplugged and plugged in again.

How do we drive? aggressive, fast or slow. Although it may seem incredible, the way we drive also affects the life of the electric car battery. If we usually drive smoothly, with low speed or use the air conditioning little, all this will help us to optimize the battery charge.

It also influences whether we use the electric car more in the city or in the mountains. This last option causes the car to need more power and consequently consumes more battery. In short, efficient and responsible driving is the key to everything.

  • Inclement weather

Is it true that the outside temperature can damage the electric car battery? the answer is yes. If it is very hot, it is best to leave the car connected so that the battery cooling system works constantly and protects the battery.

Also, when it is very hot we should park in places where there is shade or inside a parking lot to avoid high temperatures in the battery. In short, parking in a garage is key to not having to make excessive use of the electric car’s air conditioning system.

  • Avoid long parking lots

If we plan that our electric car is stopped for a long period of time, it is advisable to leave it connected so that the vehicle itself maintains the battery at the optimum charging point. If the model does not incorporate this option, it is advisable to follow the following alternatives:

  • Park in a cool place
  • Use slow download option
  • Before using the electric car, make sure that the battery has not dropped below 20% of its capacity.
  • If it has not been used for three months or more, we should charge the car between 2 and 3 times to 80% before using it.

To summarize, we have four basic points that we cannot skip if we want our electric car battery to have a long life:

  • Keep the battery at a low temperature
  • Avoid charging the battery to 100%
  • Avoid discharging the battery completely
  • Avoid very fast uploads and downloads

In conclusion, if you follow this quick guide on how to take care of the electric car battery, we are more likely to last what the manufacturer has indicated from the beginning. Because buying a car is often an economic effort and it is essential that it last for many years.

At FactorEnergia, we have been committed to sustainable mobility and electric cars for a long time and we offer our customers a specific product, Factor ECOMobility. We believe that private charging is the key to the development of the electric car, that is why we finance the project and the installation of the recharging point in the private community parking space, taking care of all the administrative procedures and obtaining the necessary permits.

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