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Mobile apps to recharge your electric vehicle

Electric vehicle recharge app

How many times have you gone round and round looking for parking and finally left your car in a private parking lot. Apart from the time you lose, the stress it generates. For this reason, mobile apps have been created to recharge your electric vehicle.

The trend of sustainable mobility has come to stay and with it the electric car. The future comes hand in hand with electricity and there are new platforms that make it easier every time. We present you the new Apps to recharge your electric vehicle, they will guide you to the most suitable charging point. We will tell you!

If you are a regular driver, you already know that one of the things that stresses the most is finding parking; and if you have an electric car even more because you are surely looking for a parking lot with a recharging point. But this is no longer a problem because several mobile apps have been designed that notify you of free parking lots and if they have charging points.

How do mobile apps work to recharge the electric car?

While you have the car in motion, the app to charge electric vehicles makes use of geo-positioning to locate the closest electric car charging points with parking. It also allows you to choose the charging point that best suits your needs depending on whether you need a fast, semi-fast or conventional charging point.

In addition, it lets you choose between a charging point on a public road, parking lot, shopping center or at a service station. And the same app informs if the charging points are free and you can even reserve them to ensure your recharge and parking.

These new apps are trying to give you even more facilities; And not only that you know where there is free parking, but also that you can select the place and even choose the type of recharging point with the most suitable connector to start charging the battery of your electric car.

Install a charging point for your electric car with SP Solar!

Install a charging point for your electric car with SP Solar!

The importance of expanding electric vehicle charging points

Currently, what slows down the most when buying an electric car is the duration of the battery and the shortage of recharging points that often make a continuous journey of more than 200 kilometers unfeasible.

Faced with this situation, various options are emerging so that this is not an inconvenience. In cities, for example, municipalities are prioritizing the installation of fast recharging points on public roads.

Also, many companies are working on the creation of ultra-fast charging points so that the use of the electric vehicle on the road is not a problem and trips of more than 200 kilometers can be made without the need to make mandatory stops to charge the battery. The goal is that by 2020, there will be thousands of ultra-fast charging points available to the driver.

Characteristics of charging points for electric vehicles

In case you didn’t know, there are different charging points on the street or on public roads; fast charging or semi-fast charging. The fast charging points allow you to charge up to 80% of the battery in just 30 minutes; On the other hand, those with semi-fast charging only allow the vehicle to be charged in 1 hour. As you can see, it is twice the time between one option and another..

Most users are unaware of this, but not all electric vehicles can charge their battery through a quick charge point; since, some do not come standard with the fast charging mode and bring it as an optional or even some do not give the option to do so.

But, you have to bear in mind that the charging points on public roads depend only on the municipalities and that they have limited budgets for it. Although, they are working to multiply the structure and are 100% committed to the use of electric vehicles and sustainable mobility.

Charging points in shopping centers, restaurants

Imagine charging your car while you go to the gym, do the shopping or eat in a restaurant. This is possible and is known as “opportunity load points” because they are a consumer claim. These are usually installed in shopping centers, hotels or restaurants; and of course they are free.

A curious fact to keep in mind is that, for a roadside restaurant, recharging a vehicle during a meal can cost between 0.50 cents and € 1 and it serves to attract customers and increase its turnover.

Charging points for electric vehicles in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the cities that is more committed to sustainable mobility and the use of electric cars. Currently, a public administration such as the AMB (Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona) is implementing a rapid recharge network.

For example, a station set up by AMB is located in Gavà; next to the Barnasud shopping center and within the Gavà Business Park. A point of great affluence of the public that will help increase the use of electric cars in the area and reduce polluting emissions.

In addition, one of the projects that should be highlighted is the Strategic Plan for the Deployment of Electric Vehicle Recharging Infrastructure in Catalonia (PIRVEC), which aims to facilitate collaboration between public and private entities to achieve the installation of a hundred recharging points fast on the community’s road network, 400 semi-rapid stations in municipal public spaces and 25,000 linked recharging points in common parking lots for private vehicles.

In short, it is already a reality that municipalities are working more and more to expand, install and hire recharging points for electric vehicles in both public spaces, company parking lots, in shopping centers or in community garages

At SP Solar we make a specific product available to our clients, Factor ECOMobility. We also believe that private charging is another important point for the development of the electric car, that is why we finance the project and the installation of the recharging point in the private community parking space. , taking care of all the administrative procedures and obtaining the necessary permits.

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