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Is there solar or ecological air conditioning?

solar air conditioner

Does your air conditioner use a lot? Do you need an alternative? Today, we are going to introduce you to ecological air conditioning, how it works, advantages and characteristics. If you do not want to be hot and that this does not raise your electricity bill, keep reading …

Green air conditioning and bioclimatizers are environmentally friendly and sustainable refrigeration systems. We explain how they work.

Solar or ecological air conditioning

Faced with the heat wave that we are experiencing these days, many people wonder if there is an alternative to conventional air conditioning that uses a lot of energy and causes a considerable increase in the electricity bill. And yes, there is an alternative. Today, we present you the air conditioner that works with solar energy. It does not increase the cost of your electricity consumption and it is ecological. It is what we call ecological air conditioning.

How does eco-friendly solar-powered air conditioning work?

Like most of the population, you sure have a hard time understanding how you can get cold from a heat source. This is possible thanks to the absorption cooling technique. This technique allows fresh air to be obtained from the heat obtained through solar collectors.

What is absorption cooling technique?

This technique works by means of solar energy captured in solar thermal collectors that heats the water to a high temperature (between 80 and 150º C). Then the absorption machine performs a thermochemical compression cycle and produces the cold water necessary for the air conditioning of the rooms. And two fluids are used for heat exchange, one refrigerant and the other absorbent. The most common is to use water as a coolant and a salt (lithium bromide) as an absorbent.

Specifically, its operation consists in that the water heated by the sun transfers that heat to the absorbent. Cold water is thus achieved. The absorbent must give up the heat again (which is transferred to another water that acts as a refrigerant) to regenerate and return to its function.

Using solar thermal energy to generate solar cold and for something more than heating or hot water means that you can amortize the installation to the maximum.

Install solar panels with SP Solar and join the Energy Revolution!

Install solar panels with SP Solar and join the Energy Revolution!

Another type of ecological air conditioning: Bioclimatizers

We are in the middle of August, and you need fresh air to cool the environment, but flee from the typical fans or air conditioning. I present to you the bioclimatizers, it is another way to combat the heat in an ecological way.

What are bioclimatizers?

It is an air purifier that is responsible for cooling and humidifying it. The air in your room will go through a wet filter that will make the expelled air have a certain humidity and freshness.

To achieve a greater or lesser freshness, you will have a chamber that must be refilled from time to time; in it we will have cold water or even ice water. It is said that thanks to this mechanism you can get up to ten degrees lower in the temperature of your room.

Using bioclimatizers is a much more environmentally friendly energy consumption than conventional air conditioning.

What are the advantages of using a bioclimatizer?

  • The air expelled by a Bioclimatizer has a certain humidity, it is not dry and consequently it does not hangover the throats.
  • The cold will be gradual and not abrupt, unlike air conditioners that drop in temperature is more abrupt.
  • They are much cheaper than air conditioners and use 80% less energy.
  • They do not require any type of installation.

To conclude, it is important that people know that there are alternatives to air conditioning and that they help save on the electricity bill and are also easy to install. There is no excuse for being hot this summer.

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