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How to save on your electricity bill with mobile apps

save on your light bill with an app

The new electricity apps allow us to know in real time our daily consumption, the electricity rate at any time or to know the cost of our neighbors. They are smart applications that will help us save on the electricity bill. If you want to know how, keep reading

More and more, we are used to managing our lives through mobile phones. There are multiple apps that make our lives easier. And one of them are the apps that aim to help us manage our electricity consumption. Do you want to save on your electricity bill? Look at this App to save electricity, you can know the electricity rate at any time !.

With the arrival of summer and the increase in air conditioning consumption, your electricity bill will rise considerably. So that the bill does not give you a scare, one option could be to contract the hourly rate of electricity, in which the price will vary according to the Spanish Electricity Network from 8:30 p.m. the day before.

As you already know, the electricity bill by the hour, allows you to know which sections are cheaper to connect the devices and thus be able to save. To provide you with this information, specific mobile applications have been created that will help you to know the electricity rate at any time of the day.

These mobile applications, for example, allow you to access the website of the Spanish Electricity Network and schedule that after 8:30 p.m. you can have all the information regarding the price of electricity; totally necessary to keep track and save on your bill.

Also, you have the option of programming notifications on your mobile to know the price of electricity at all times. This gives you the information you need to know what hours are best to connect electrical appliances.

Save electricity with mobile apps

As I said before, the mobile makes your life much easier in all areas; for example: you can control your bank accounts, turn on the heating from your Smartphone, arrange medical visits or follow your heart rate while doing sports.

But in addition, in the electricity sector there are applications with an interface that create various graphs to visually control how the price of electricity advances throughout the day. Also, how much are you consuming or what have you spent on the entire electricity bill for the month.

Measure electricity consumption in real time

Did you know that there is an application that directly connects the electrical panel of your house to your mobile to measure the electricity you use? Yes, and it also analyzes the pattern of each of the appliances to know exactly what influences your electricity bill the most. With this application, it is possible to save up to 15% on the electricity bill per month.

How can the mobile help save on the electricity bill?

Apart from knowing through mobile alerts which time is cheapest; The apps also contribute much more in saving the electricity bill.

As in the case of if you have smart plugs at home, you will have the option of turning on the washing machine from your mobile or turning off and on the devices when you decide to do it from anywhere in the city.

In addition, if a smart thermostat is installed at home, you will control the heating temperature through the mobile or the air conditioning. These types of devices usually have advanced features such as smart scheduling, real-time display of an estimate of the electricity bill or geolocation to automatically prevent an empty house from heating up.

Monitor for the control of domestic energy consumption

Currently, it is impossible to know how much each appliance consumes through the traditional electricity bill that we receive. But we can find out by means of a monitor for the control of domestic energy consumption that analyzes the consumption of the home and is capable of suggesting the recommended power term for each user, which can be used to make the decision to change the tariff.

What can help us save on the electricity bill?

Consumption control is what can most help reduce your bill, know the price of electricity in real time, be clear if we have the contracted rate adapted to our real consumption.

Factor Smarthome helps families save in the face of rising electricity prices

I don’t know if you know the Factor Smarthome app that helps families save on their electricity bill due to the rise in the price of electricity, and also offers personalized energy advice. It is the electrical app designed by SP Solar.

Actually, it is a global service for real savings; where the app has various functionalities, including a tool that shows the real price of electricity per hour every day. It also has a tool that allows consumers to compare their electricity consumption habits with those of their neighbors in order to evaluate how they are managing their own electricity costs and take new energy saving and efficiency measures at home.

And finally, Factor Smarthome offers a totally innovative energy coaching service that provides families with personalized advice. Using a simulator, the user configures in a few minutes the particular characteristics of his home based on different variables (the type of home, the dimensions, the kind of lighting, the electrical appliances, etc.). Next, this tool provides a graph that represents how the user distributes his energy consumption, so that he can know where he is consuming the most electricity.

In short, what are you waiting for to use one of the apps that provide tools to reduce the electricity bill and are totally free. I encourage you to do so.

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