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How to save on heating and have a good winter

save on gas heating

Natural gas heating is one of the most efficient systems for heating rooms and rooms in a house. Still, with winter we can see how the gas bill increases. With just a few simple tips you can reduce your home’s gas consumption for heating. We show you!

How to save on gas heating

Winter is approaching by leaps and bounds and there are areas of the Peninsula where the cold is already quite noticeable in homes. It is proven that at this time of year energy consumption in homes shoots up and can become a problem for the family economy. Here are some tips to make your gas heating more efficient and you can save on your gas bill.

Gas boiler review

The gas boiler is the heart of the heating of the house, a large part of the gas consumption of the winter season depends on its good condition. A new boiler is an important outlay that can compensate you if your current boiler is very old, since the new ones are much more efficient. In any case, it is highly recommended that before starting to use the heating, we notify a technician to perform a review so that everything works perfectly. With wear and tear, combustion is sometimes not as correct as it should be and this affects gas consumption. The inspection of the boiler and the bleeding of the radiators by a professional technician can help us reduce the monthly bill.

Drying clothes on radiators

The habit of drying clothes on the radiators is common on rainy days, even on very cold days when when you pick up the dry clothes it gives the feeling that it is wet because of how cold it is. This domestic habit is detrimental to saving on gas bills: radiators heat the cold air that comes into contact with them and thus the heat is transmitted to the room of the house. If we place wet clothes on the radiator, we will dry the clothes, but we will make it difficult for the room temperature to be correct, so the boiler will be working longer and consumption will be higher.

Improve the thermal insulation of the house

A simple way to make the use of heating more efficient is to improve the thermal insulation of our house. Modern floors tend to have better insulation in walls and ceilings, through the use of fibers and empty spaces that accumulate air. If we live in an old apartment, in this sense we will have no choice but to resign ourselves and improve as much as possible the insulation in windows and doors, the other possible points of heat leakage.

In the windows, obviously those with double glazing insulate more than the simple ones, but it is a strong economic investment. To improve the insulation of the windows, you also have to play with the effect of light. Take advantage of the sunny hours and raise the blind so that the solar heat influences the temperature of the room, and vice versa, in the hours when it is dark, lower the blinds to increase the insulating effect.

Window and glass curtains also help to keep the heat in the room, their value is not merely decorative. Make the same movement as with the blinds to optimize the thermal insulation of the room.

Through the gaps between the doors and the floor there is a great air circulation that causes the temperature to be lost in the room, despite the door being closed. There are pieces of rubber or felt that help the air not circulate through the slits, it is something cheap and simple to place that will allow us to save up to 5% of heat.

Eliminate harmful habits for saving

Whether out of comfort or carelessness, we all perform actions that are partly harmful to us. Modifying our habits can be very simple and very effective to optimize gas heating.

  • Do not place furniture that covers the radiators, as they prevent the correct exchange of hot air-cold air.
  • Be rational about the temperature in the home. Stay at a maximum of 21º during the day and a maximum of 18º at night. These temperatures are recommended to be comfortable, taking into account the season of the year in which we are. Increasing those temperatures one degree more means approximately 7% more fuel consumption. The goal is for the home to be comfortable and livable, not to get hot and to be in short sleeves as if it were summer.
  • Let the boiler thermostat work, it will be more efficient than turning the boiler on and off manually when we consider that we have reached the desired temperature.
  • Wooden floors feel warmer than ceramic floors: floating parquet can help optimize thermal insulation. If you don’t have the resources for it, or you just don’t like them as much as ceramic flooring, then you can always cover it with rugs or carpets, which will help keep the air in the room from getting cold.

Choose the right natural gas rates

Of course, having good natural gas rates is the key to reducing your gas bill. At SPSolar we care so that you can enjoy the gas rate that best suits the needs of your home, that is why we have several rate modalities (fixed rate, variable rate, mini rate). Are you ready to start saving?

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