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How do the new digital meters work?

How do digital meters work?

The countdown has begun for all homes to have the new digital meters installed. The deadline is December 31, 2018. But, many users wonder, was the change necessary? Will they help save on the electricity bill? What characteristics do they have? Today we are talking about digital meters.

The safest thing is that you already have a digital meter installed in your home, because at the beginning of 2019 all meters will be digital and capable of sending readings remotely, that is, digital meters with telemetry or remote management. Lately a lot of information has been spread about it. Find out what is true and what is not. And how do the new digital meters work? We explain it to you, you will learn to save on the electricity bill

Why should you switch to a digital meter?

Currently, you can find homes that still have old electricity meters; others that have digital meters but are not prepared for remote management; and houses that have installed the new digital meter and have the necessary technology to carry out the telemetry.

But this situation will change on December 31; since, all houses must have digital or smart meters installed, as approved in 2007 with the Measurement Equipment Substitution Plan.

In case you did not know the reason for this change, which is caused by the need for the new digital or smart meters to allow going from the TUR (Last Resort Rate) to the PVPC (Voluntary Price for Small Consumer). And in this way, being able to have the option of contracting the rate per time slot instead of accepting a fixed price, which is what happens with old accountants who do not leave the option to change because they are not prepared for it.

Switch to SP Solar and save 12.5% ​​on your electricity bill … Forever!

Switch to SP Solar and save 12.5% ​​on your electricity bill … Forever!

What are the differences between analog, smart and remote managed meters?

With the arrival of the new electricity billing, everything has changed, and now you can choose between various options that allow you to have greater control over your electricity consumption.

Faced with this new situation, you must be very clear about the difference between analog, smart, digital and remote-managed meters to know which one you need depending on the electricity rate you have contracted.

Analog Counters

They are the classic and traditional counters that will disappear shortly. They do not allow remote reading nor can they be remotely managed because they are not capable of transmitting data in real time to the central, and it is impossible to set the price for hourly consumption.

Smart digital meters

They are the counters that will replace the analog ones. There are several models depending on their functions; such as, for example, the meters that allow remote reading, which is not necessary for a person to move around and read the meter, but rather it is done from a distance.

Remote managed counters

These meters allow their integration into a management system -telegestion. Once integrated, your hourly consumption can be collected directly and sent to the electricity company so that they can apply hourly billing and always based on your actual consumption.

The advantages they have are that they allow modifications of power contracted remotely, without the need for a technician’s visit. Also, they guarantee security and transparency. These meters are continuously and automatically monitored, which prevents their manipulation.

Operation and characteristics of a digital meter

It is important that you know the operation and characteristics of a digital meter. This by means of a red light indicates if it is off or is making some consumption; When the light flashes quickly, it means that electricity is being consumed, and when the light flashes very quickly, we have exceeded the cost of light.

In this way, you will know at any time what your consumption is. Also, you should know that the digital meter may stop working when the contracted electrical power is exceeded, since this measurement system includes a Power Control Switch (ICP) and cuts the power supply momentarily.

But, if this happens to restore electricity to the house again, you can activate the differential found in the electrical panel or reactivate the ICP by pressing the yellow button located on the meter. You just have to take a slight control so that everything works correctly.

How much does the change from analog to digital meter cost?

It has no direct cost to you. But it will increase the monthly cost of renting it from 0.54 euros per month to 0.81. And it is the marketers themselves that must install the new smart digital meter at your home.

If you prefer that the meter be yours, and not rent it for the price that we have indicated, the cost is about € 100. We don’t think this is the best option.

Does the digital meter help save electricity?

This is the question that most consumers ask themselves; If the change of the meter will really help to save on the electricity bill. There are different opinions about it, but what is a reality is that the light reading will be much more detailed and there will be no more estimated reading. Everything will be more automated and digitized.

If you carry out an exhaustive study of what time it is cheaper to use appliances and you have smart appliances at home; surely with the new smart meter you can reduce the amount of the electricity bill.

Why is the digital meter called a smart meter?

Because the new meter transmits information on your electricity consumption instantly. The aim is for each consumer to check daily on the Red Eléctrica website what the price of electricity will be in the following 24 hours, and based on that, make a plan on daily consumption.

Also, it is important to check that the amperage of your ICP is adequate, and assess which rate is best suited to you. Whatever it is, in SP Solar We will offer you the option that best suits your needs at the best price. You can online information about our electricity rates, through our chat or by calling us on our web. Our in-house customer service will be happy to help you save. And if you have already decided and want to hire, it will be 5 minutes. We assure you.

Ultimately, what is clear is that with smart digital meters comes the absolute end of estimated readings. And from that moment on, all the readings will be real and we will only pay for what we have consumed. Welcome digital counters.

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