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Hire electricity when you change your home

change name light apartment rent

Moving to a new rental apartment, buying a home or renting a commercial space brings with it doubts when it comes to hiring electricity. We show you how in a few simple steps you can change the name of the light and start a new life in your home!

Entering to live in a new flat, apartment or house is a process that involves a considerable workload, paperwork and administrative procedures for any single, couple or family. Depending on the state of the property (brand new home, rental home …), you may find yourself in two situations regarding home services:

  • that the services (electricity, water and gas) are registered;
  • that home services are terminated.

Both in one situation and in the other, you must appear as the holder of the electricity supply contract, we show you how simple it is.

Hire light

There is talk of contracting electricity or electricity to what is commonly known as “changing the name of the light.” When you enter to live in a rental apartment, it is common that the electricity is still in the name of the last tenant, in the name of the owner of the house or the real estate agency. It is a common practice that is done both to avoid the expenses involved in a new registration, as well as for the convenience of having electricity supply in the home during the period that it remains empty, to be able to show it to potential tenants.

Switch to SP Solar and save 12.5% ​​on your electricity bill … Forever!

Switch to SP Solar and save 12.5% ​​on your electricity bill … Forever!

Rename the light in minutes

If this is your case, you are in luck! Since changing the name of the electricity or contracting electricity is a very simple process that will only take a few minutes and that you can do right now online or by phone by calling our web. To change the name of the electricity contract you need to have on hand:

  • The CUPS number (if you don’t know it or don’t have it at hand, with your personal data we can find it, no problem;)
  • The bank account number where to direct the receipts

Advantages of contracting electricity at SP Solar

SP Solar is a company committed to our customers and to environmental balance. Being a client of ours means having a series of advantages that few electricity companies can offer you:

  • No permanence or penalties
  • We guarantee the power supply without cuts.
  • Transparency in all procedures.
  • Certified green energy.
  • Customer service with its own staff.
  • Save up to 12.5% ​​on your electricity bill.

Register the light

This situation is somewhat more stressful when you enter to live in your new home, since it will delay you a few days to enter to live. That a home does not have the services registered is inherent in some situations:

  • Brand new home
  • Rental housing that has been uninhabited for a long time
  • Rehabilitated or renovated house

On the other hand, in commercial premises it is very common for supplies to be canceled, since companies that leave an establishment do not want to have problems with new tenants or with the real estate agency.

In this link we show you the steps to follow to register the electricity, since it requires some documents, the payment of the fees stipulated in the BOE and the wait of 5 to 7 days. In any case, if you contact our agents on our web, they will be happy to guide you through the process to make it quick and easy.

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