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Gas rates: choose the one that suits you best

Gas rates

SPSolar offers you various rates for household gas supply … but do you really know what each gas rate is like and its differences? We show you the characteristics of the gas rates so that you can choose the one that best suits you for the economy of the home.

Saving on the gas bill is always good for the family economy, but do you know which gas rate is best for you? Next, we are going to explain the different existing gas rates, so that you have it clear.

Fixed gas rate

The fixed gas rate is for those people who do not like surprises … especially if the surprise involves paying more for gas consumption. With the fixed gas rate, the consumer always pays for gas at the same price per kW for a whole year.

Variable gas rate

The variable gas rate is indicated for those who want to pay for gas at its market price, no more, no less. With this rate you will pay the gas at market price and we will only charge you 50 cents per month of quota. If you compare it with other gas marketers, you will see that our quota is the cheapest, just enough to cover the administrative costs of your gas supply.

Switch to SP Solar and save 20% of your Gas bill … Forever!

Switch to SP Solar and save 20% of your Gas bill … Forever!

Advantages of the variable gas rate

When you contract a fixed gas rate, the commercialization companies try to adjust the price so that it is economical for the consumer but at the same time to be able to earn a small margin. Normally, no matter how tight the fixed price charged to the consumer is, the average price per kWh is somewhat more expensive than in the variable gas rate.

In the variable gas tariff, the price of the kWh is determined by the energy market. Is it a risk for the consumer? We believe that it is a minimal and very moderate risk. There are people who are reluctant to contract a variable gas rate, fearing that perhaps in the winter months, when there is more consumption, the price of Kwh will rise in an excessive way and the monthly bill will be too high. It is true that in November, December and January, being the coldest months of the year, energy consumption is higher and this causes the price per kWh to rise. Still, there have been years (like 2016) in which the maximum price that kwh reached is lower than the price charged in the fixed gas rate.

If the other months of the year are taken into account, it can be observed that in the summer months the price of kwh drops considerably, with which in the annual average, the monthly bill with the variable rate has been about € 4 cheaper than the fixed rate.

gas rate table 2018

On the other hand, given the fear of many users that the kwh will skyrocket in price, remember one thing: there is no permanence! If one month the price of energy seems expensive according to the market and you do not want to risk that it may continue to rise, you can switch to the fixed rate and pay a fixed price for the kWh, without risks!

Gas rate Offer of the month

This is the ideal gas rate for those who love monthly gas deals and promotions. It is absurd that every few months we bombard you with advertising to see if you want to take advantage of a new rate or a promotion; With the Offer of the month rate, we will propose an offer at the price of the kwh that is beneficial to you and when the promotional period ends, we will apply the following promotion, always looking for you to have a good price and of course, an unbeatable service.

If one day you get tired of the excitement of waiting for the next promotion, you can always change your rate for free, towards a fixed rate or a variable rate. Without complications or penalties … you will only lose in surprises!

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