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Factors to consider when choosing LED lighting


We tell you some of the most important factors to consider when choosing LED lighting such as official certificates or lumens.

We love LED lighting. We have already told on other occasions that LED bulbs have numerous advantages over other lighting, as they do not give heat or that they are much more durable and resistant. However, and with the rise of fame of this technology, its distribution and sale has also increased, causing you to make mistakes when choosing from such a wide variety. So what should you keep in mind when choosing LED lighting?

Official certificates

Probably one of the most important factors: buying the good quality bulbs and making sure they contain the certificates CE y/o ROHS, which are those corresponding to the quality of the European Community and the non-emission of waste. Look for these logos on the box, package or packaging; They certify their quality and safety, both for the user and for the installation and the electricity bill.

The size of the room

Also important take into account the size of the space to be illuminated and the amount of light we want or need there. The living room is not the same as a study room, nor is a room with natural light inputs the same as another with a window that overlooks an interior. Calculating the number of bulbs we need will also influence the level of savings. Think about the usefulness of that room and determine the number of bulbs and their temperature.

The colors

In the same way that black clothes stylize or that yellow clothes pale if you are very white skinned, the color of the walls, the furniture and the lighting itself will affect the choice of temperature of the light bulbs and the final effect of the room.

To optimize electricity consumption and save light, its projection on the room must be taken into account; If we have dark walls, it will be difficult to illuminate that room well, in addition to the fact that dark colors absorb light, they do not reflect it. If you want a bright room, we recommend first painting the walls in a light color that helps to reflect the light from the lamps.

The colors of LED lighting

LED technology offers a wide range of light varieties: neutral, warm, cold tones and colors. If you are looking to illuminate a party or a place (a restaurant, a club, a cocktail bar …) the colored LEDs, which can also be controlled with a remote, give a special and striking touch.


Related to color, some traditional bulbs are said to cause or can cause headaches. Another point in favor of LEDs is the CRI or Color Reproduction Index, which indicates the degree of similarity with natural lighting; the higher this value, the more comfortable your light will be to view and less eyestrain.


A good way to measure efficiency is by looking at the relationship between power consumption and the lumens of the bulb. Consumption is shown in watts and the amount of light it emits in lumens; then, comparing two LEDs with the same characteristics, with the same amount of watts, the most efficient will be the one with the most lumens.

The decoration

With the rise of LED lighting, garlands of light bulbs and LED strips have become fashionable. However, it is not usually take into account plugs, switches or feeders that are associated with this type of decoration, and that is difficult to hide.

To save on your electricity bill, the most important thing is to consider energy efficiency. Take care of the use that we give to our electrical appliances and renew, as far as possible, any technology that may consume more. The rest is to switch to an energy company that guarantees savings, such as SP Solar, which also allows you to contract electricity online in just 5 minutes.

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