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Energy saving games to educate your children

energy saving games

Making your children understand the importance of saving energy at home can be much easier if you motivate them through play. We show you some games to save energy to educate the little ones in a fun way.

Saving energy is one of the most important aspects not only of our lives as consumers but also as responsible human beings in general. It is therefore very important to educate the little ones as soon as possible in practices that can establish in their way of understanding the world a responsible and efficient consumption of resources and its economy. We show you some energy saving games to educate your children in a playful way.

How to teach children to save electricity?

It is important to introduce in the little ones a series of guidelines that help them to conceive energy saving as something important in which they can collaborate. That is why we can take advantage of one of the greatest advantages: making them feel older with it. Here are some tips to help them learn by playing:

Game 1: Rewards for saving

Saving energy must have positive consequences. Much better if you can make those consequences immediate. This can be achieved by making sure that, every time our children take the initiative to save, said savings go to their piggy banks. For example, we can do a simulation through a table. For every time you turn off a light, turn off a tap, or monitor your energy-saving habits, we can give you a reward. It is a very good initiative to make them aware of the potential savings and, at the same time, so that they understand that they earn money doing it.

Game 2: From goose to goose, save energy touches

It is possible to organize a game on a small home board in which there are different boxes that encourage savings. The dynamics can be simple: whoever has the most money at the end of the day wins. Besides being a good initiative to be able to have fun with them making the game itself, we can also take advantage of it to put different ways to save energy. Among the proposals, is to design a kind of “goose game” where unnecessary spending boxes make you go back and other energy saving boxes make you move forward.

Game 3: Saving makes you older

One of the most beneficial points on which we can rely to teach our children about energy saving is to make them see that it is older to do so. Indeed, habits such as bathing are a great waste. Wanting to go everywhere by car too. It goes without saying that helping the environment is also part of an older child’s responsibilities.

Game 4: Recycle-basket

One of the best initiatives to incentivize energy savings is to make it fun. For this reason, we can make it look like a game by placing a basketball board or a kind of competition for recycling points where everyone points out how much they have recycled. Naturally, after that there must be a reward.

Game 5.- Take advantage of internet initiatives

Currently there are many alternatives on the internet that can help us make the little ones have fun with saving energy. Such is the case of many online games that make all the activity fun for them and that, at the same time, they enjoy it by learning about energy saving. You can find different platforms on the internet that offer you this way of playing and learning.

You can also show your child the Factor Smarthome app for electricity consumption, it is a way to make him more aware of the real cost of things and to show him the hours when electricity is cheaper (in case of having a tariff variable electricity).

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