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Energy alternatives for the home

energy alternatives at home

Do you know that there are energy alternatives that would allow you to save on electricity consumption? Taking the step towards alternative energies is much easier than it seems. We show you several options that allow you to save electricity, including electricity self-consumption through solar panels.

Looking for a cheaper energy source? Environmental awareness is becoming increasingly important. In addition to having significant ecological value, energy alternatives lead to substantial savings, both in energy and money.

How to save electricity at home with energy alternatives?

Best of all, we currently have different options available to heat the environment or produce energy for our home. What are the best energy alternatives for the home?

Solar thermal energy to heat water

This type of energy is used mainly to heat water for the home. To obtain it, you have to install solar panels on the roof of the house, the price of which usually ranges between € 500 and € 700 per square meter. To heat the amount of water normally used by a family, it takes approximately 2 square meters of surface, although this may vary depending on the geographical location or the efficiency of our solar panels. It is an investment that pays off in the long term. The savings will depend on the type of fuel that we are replacing.

Biomass heating

The energy is extracted from organic matter obtained from residues such as pine nuts, almonds and other fruits, olive stones or wood chips. It works in a similar way to any other type of boiler. They burn the fuel and generate a horizontal flame that is introduced into the boiler to heat the water circuit inside the exchanger that it carries inside. Although it continues to be a combustion system, the fuel used contributes to the recycling and use of organic matter. There are different types of biomass boiler.

Pellet boilers

They use specific fuels, specifically pellets, which are 1-2 cm grains of compacted sawdust. The pellets are generated with sawdust from the wood industry, both from the transformation process and from the cleaning of mountains. Pellet boilers are the most suitable for medium powers and family homes.

Polyfuel boilers

They can burn different types of fuel and offer more power. They are larger since they require a greater storage capacity. They are mainly intended for industrial use.

The installation of a biomass boiler requires a higher budget compared to other boilers. However, the cost difference with respect to fuels such as gas, diesel or electricity is very considerable and the investment can be amortized in a few winters.

Install solar panels with SP Solar and join the Energy Revolution!

Install solar panels with SP Solar and join the Energy Revolution!

Photovoltaic solar panels for light and electricity

Solar panels are a good option to have electricity at home. The most basic kit for electric self-consumption consists of a 250W solar panel, an inverter and the corresponding structure to be placed on the roof. It has a price of around € 600 and can produce about 350kWh per year, which is what we would save on our bill. If we need a larger installation that provides a power greater than 10Kw, we will have to pay a backup toll.

Wind energy for domestic use

Home wind turbines are often installed on the roof to take advantage of a higher wind intensity, although they do not really need strong winds to harness the energy. They have a power between 5 and 10kW and in windy areas they can cover up to 80% and even 100% of the electrical needs of a home. Installation and maintenance are simple and the investment made can be recovered in about 7 years.

Storage batteries

Tesla Energy has launched an interesting proposal on the market for those who have decided to choose the cheapest and most renewable energy source. It is a battery that is mounted on the wall and serves to store all that energy produced by different systems. All houses need energy to run and it is a fact that prices continue to rise every few months. Betting on renewable and autonomous energy sources is a way to reduce the bill and save in the long term.

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