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Electrolineras: charging points for electric cars

electroline station and electric car

Given the current limitation of the little autonomy that electric vehicles have to make long trips of more than 200 km, electric stations were born as a solution to the problem and a definitive bet on the electric car. They are the new gas stations of the future. There are more than 2,500 in all of Spain. Today we talk about electric stations

Do you know what an electric station is? How much does it cost to recharge an electric car? We clarify your doubts, join sustainable mobility! If you want to know the reason for the increase in electric stations, keep reading this post.

What are electric stations?

Electric stations are the new gas stations of the future. They are recharging points for electric cars, and their deployment aims to contribute to making this type of vehicle a real mobility alternative by creating infrastructures and places to refuel. Improving the network of supply points will help the electric vehicle gain autonomy when traveling.

Types of electrolineras

There are fast electric stations that can charge up to 80% of the battery of an electric car in 20 minutes. And then there are the semi-fast electric stations that take two to three hours to charge the full battery.

How many electric car charging points are there?

Currently, in Spain there is a fleet of electric cars of 30,000 units, and almost 2,5000 recharging points of which 226 are fast, according to the General Directorate of Traffic.

A recent study indicates that in order to fulfill the commitment we have with the European Union in 2030, more than 50,000 charging points for electric cars should be installed, and between four and six million electric cars should be in circulation.

Also, we must remember the commitment with Brussels to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by 26% in 2030; and between 80% and 95% before 2050. To achieve this we need to increase the use of electric cars. Installing more charging points that guarantee their autonomy is an essential factor to fulfill this commitment.

In this context, specialized companies are opening their eyes to the new market niche that involves installing charging points in cities and highways; but they have not yet jumped into the pool due to the lack of sales of these vehicles.

As is logical, when they are in operation and more charging points are seen, the sales of electric vehicles are going to rise like foam.

Private electric car charging point at home or public

Today, companies in the sector are betting more on charging points at home than not on public roads. The reason is that the price of charging the electric car at home is cheaper than outside, which can cost you between € 6 or € 7, while at home, as it is subject to electricity consumption, it can only cost about € 2.

Install a charging point for your electric car with SP Solar!

Install a charging point for your electric car with SP Solar!

How much does it cost to recharge an electric car battery?

Faced with this question, there is a lot of misinformation that makes people back down when deciding whether to buy an electric vehicle or not. The first thing you should ask yourself is how much will it cost to recharge the battery at home, at an electric station or at a recharging point?

There are several possibilities and it depends on whether you decide to charge the battery of the electric car in the home’s private parking lot, which is usually connected to the house’s power outlet and will be billed through the meter itself, or you decide to do it in a public space such as an electric station. .

If you do it at home, you can have two differentiated prices depending on which of the two types of electricity rate you have contracted: hourly discrimination rate depending on the time you consume electricity, you have one price or another or rate with PVC that is marked For the state.

Let’s give a practical example, as in most cases the electric car will charge during the night; We will take the mode using the common PVC rate.

If this car requires 12 kWh to drive 100 km, and the price per kWh hour is € 0.1295, the cost of traveling 100Km would be € 1,554. To give you an idea of ​​the savings that this type of vehicle represents, suffice it to say that an average diesel vehicle, in the same number of kilometers, consumes about 6.5 liters of diesel, which at € 1.30 per liter would cost us € 8.45 (which means 5.4 times more).

How much does it cost to recharge the battery of an electric car outside the home?

As you already know, recharging the electric car outside the home is more expensive than doing it in your own parking space. Although it is true that in some sites you may have the option of doing it for free. For example, in the parking of hotels or supermarkets that will install free recharging points to encourage consumption in their premises. .

Recharge your electric car at the electric stations

If you charge the battery in the electric stations, it can cost you between € 0.20 and € 0.55 / kWh. Possibly recharging the battery fully would cost about € 12.60. The average cost for a recharge for 100 km, about € 4.5 (three times more than at home and half of what diesel would cost us).

How much does it cost to operate an electric station?

It is very expensive, an electric station with fast recharge technology can cost around € 40,000 and the cheapest around € 3,000. For this reason, large companies do not want to make such a high investment although they are sure that it is the future and that conventional gas stations will cease to exist like gasoline or diesel cars.

In short, no more electric vehicles are sold because of the limited autonomy of their batteries and the few recharging points; and no more electric stations are being built because not enough electric cars are being sold. In short, it is the fish that bites its tail but if we do not bet on it, we will never achieve it.

At SPSolar we have been betting on the use of electric cars for a long time. If you have an electric vehicle and you want us to install a charging point for you, contact us, we will also offer you the cheapest electricity rate and with time discrimination for your night charges, or if you still do not have it but still want to save electricity, call us toll free at our web or hire the electricity online in just 5 minutes. We will wait for you.

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