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Do you know what electricity rate you should hire to save on your electricity bill?

Save light

Are you paying a lot on your electricity bill? Maybe you don’t have the proper electricity rate contracted. Read this post and learn about the different types of electricity rates that exist and their characteristics.

How to save on the electricity bill? We explain two key factors: contracted electrical power and choosing an appropriate electricity rate.

Today you can choose between different rates to pay for your electricity supply. There are rates that are regulated by the Government and, on the other hand, free market rates. We will provide you with information about the different rates that you can take advantage of. Hiring the electricity rate appropriate to your needs and consumption is essential to save on the electricity bill.

The first thing to check is the contracted power. therefore, you must ask yourself is what power you need. Most homes have enough with a power less than or equal to 10 KW. If you are part of this group, you can choose between the PVPC, a 12-hour fixed price, or go to the open market and study what the companies offer you.

In the event that you need to contract a power greater than 10 KW, you have no other option than a free market rate.

What is electric power and how do I know which one I have contracted?

Electric power is the maximum energy you can consume at the same time. It is totally independent of the consumption you make. For example, if you use many devices simultaneously, you will need to hire more power. If you have contracted a power that you do not need, you are paying more than necessary. The greatest savings in the electricity bill will be obtained from having contracted the power that you really need.

To know the power you have contracted, just take a look at your electricity bill to find out. Once you have the data, it is time to calculate the real power you need in your house.

How to change the electric power?

To reduce the contracted electrical power, you just have to contact your company. In some it is possible to process it completely online.

Once communicated, the company is obliged to proceed with the requested power reduction within a period of 5 days. During this period, a technician has to come to the home and readjust the power control.

What electricity rate to hire?

It depends on what type of consumer you are and your needs. A consumer who is away from home all day is not the same as another who works from his own home and is consuming electricity for 24 hours. The needs are totally different.

A key question to ask yourself is when do you make the most intensive use of electricity. If it is during the day, you should hire one that does not have time discrimination. If, on the other hand, it is at night when you take advantage of the most to use the electrical appliances, then one with time discrimination would suit you.

Types of electricity ratess

As of April 1, 2014, the new system to determine the cost of energy from the electricity bill came into force. Currently, there are different types of contracting or electricity rates that I am going to explain to you below.

Regulated rate

In the regulated tariff, the prices are set by the Government itself. You can take advantage of it if you have a contracted power not exceeding 10 kW. It is known as the Voluntary Consumer Price (PVPC). It is characterized by having regulated conditions. There are no special clauses or additional services, the invoice is simpler and you have total freedom to change the marketer.

This rate interests you if you are a consumer who uses electrical appliances at any time of the day that does not follow a consumption pattern.

Free market fee

In the free market rate, it is the trading companies themselves that have the freedom to set the price. This is usually based on the evolution of the price of light in the regulated tariff. Also, in this mode they can offer you discounts. In the regulated tariffs it is not possible.

The advantage of the free market rate is that you can choose a rate with hourly discrimination or without discrimination. The tariff with hourly discrimination has a higher hourly per kWh light rate in the peak period. And on the contrary, a lower price per kWh in the valley period. The rate without hourly discrimination will have the same price per kWh at any time of the day.

The main The advantages of the free market rate are: the commercial service is provided by the marketer and the technical service is provided by the distributor. The prices and conditions are free and have to appear in the contract. In addition, the marketer may also offer other services.

To save on the electricity bill with this rate, you must opt ​​for time discrimination and use the appliances in the most favorable time bands.

Change Electricity Company

If you are thinking of also doing a change of electric company, SP Solar makes it very easy for you. Go to the “become a customer” section, choose the option “I want to contract electricity” and choose the electricity rate that interests you the most. You can contract online in 5 minutes. If you have any questions, you can solve it through our chat. And if you prefer to speak with us, call the free phone number our web and our staff will assist you and answer your questions.

As our customer, you will be able to keep a detailed control of your electricity consumption through our app SPSmarthome, an application with which you will not only be able to calculate and review your spending, but also allows you to see the price of light for the next day with enough time in advance to plan, for example, the best time to put a washing machine on.

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