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Can I install a charging point for the electric car at home?

install electric car charger

Buying an electric car involves answering the question of where can I recharge its battery. Today, public charging points are still insufficient. The most advisable thing is to have a charging point of your property; either in the garage of your house or in the community parking where you have your private space. In the next post, we explain the steps to follow to install your own charging point for the electric car.

The boom in the sale of electric cars is a reality, it is a sign of citizen awareness with the preservation of the Planet. Today it is unquestionable that electric mobility is synonymous with sustainable mobility. We can say that urban mobility will be electric or it will not be.

Between January and July 2018, twice as many electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids were registered in Spain compared to the previous year. Sales of these vehicles have grown by 97% and 126% respectively.

However, we have a small drawback: the lack of charging points in public spaces. One of the causes is that, nowadays, installing charging points in public places is not profitable for specialized companies, so they do not make the investment. It is necessary to increase the number of electric vehicles for the private initiative to build a business around the installation of charging points on public roads.

Today the best solution is to install a charging point in the garage of your house or in your community parking space in the building. If you want to know what to do and how to install a charging point at home, read on.

Install a charging point for your electric car with SP Solar!

Install a charging point for your electric car with SP Solar!

Install electric car charger in community parking

What is clear is that to leave the house calmly you have to go with the battery charged, and if you want to recharge your electric vehicle at the door of your house, you must follow the following steps:

Inform the community

Installing a charging point in your community garage is easier than it sounds. You just have to inform the community in writing.

You may think your neighbors will hit you off. The reality is different, the law protects you, and probably your administrator will not even consider asking the community, but what he will do is inform that you are going to install a charging point. Thanks to an amendment to the Horizontal Property Law in 2009, currently it is simply necessary to inform in writing the president of the community or administrator of the farm where the installation is to be carried out.

Charging point installed according to regulations

What is necessary is that the charging point is installed according to the complementary technical instruction of the Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulation ITC-BT-52, in charge of regulating the charging infrastructure for electric cars.

Where to install the secondary electricity meter in the particular charging point of the electric car?

It is usual that your parking space is in the same building where you live, but sometimes it can be in another building close to yours. The first thing you should know is where are you going to install the charging point and the next thing to ask yourself is where will the electricity outlet be and how am I going to make the consumption be attributed to my meter?

There are three types of installation, depending on where the parking space is located and its characteristics:

Cable from your home meter

If you live in the same building where you park, you can use the same meter in your house to charge the electric car. Normally, electricity meters are usually located on the ground floor of buildings. Pulling cable from your house to your parking space located on the -1 or -2 floor is usually not very complicated.

In this way, you do not need a new meter and you can unify the consumption of the home and that of the electric car in the same contract, saving the need to pay two terms of power and have two electricity bills at the same time.

charge electric car at home

From the community accountant

For cases in which the garage space is not in the same building where you live, or in which it is not possible to make the derivation from your own meter, either for technical or regulatory reasons, there is the possibility of making the derivation from the electric meter of the garage itself. The installation of this option hardly changes, but a secondary meter is essential that will help the community of owners charge you for the electricity you consume at your charging point.

New exclusive meter to charge the electric car

If we cannot make a derivation from the meter of our house because the parking space is far away or in another building. There is the second option, which is to hire a new exclusive power line to recharge the electric vehicle. This option is more expensive, because it is necessary to pay a new power term and two electricity bills.

How much does it cost to install a charging point in a private or community car park?

In principle, the price of the electric car charging point is very economical. In case you did not know, with a simple plug if you have the occasional charger it will already serve you, you do not need more. What happens is that normally the community car parks do not have many plugs and those that do have are from the community. With which, the safest thing is that they will not let you use it because otherwise the electricity consumed would be paid by the community itself.

In this case, the most ethical thing would be that they let you install your own plug so that when you charge the electric car, the electricity consumed is billed to you and not to others. This option is quite inexpensive and will allow you to charge your electric car in 5 hours or so. Also, the only expense that you would have to assume is what it is worth to install the new meter.

In short, the need to multiply the charging points for electric vehicles in public places is already a reality, but while that is not possible, we are committed to installing a charging point in our private parking space.

At SP Solar we make a specific product available to our clients, Factor ECOMobility. We also believe that private charging is another important point for the development of electric cars, that is why we finance the project and the installation of the charging point in the private community parking space. , taking care of all the administrative procedures and obtaining the necessary permits.

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