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California will only sell electric cars in 2040

electric cars

The day when combustion cars were to be banned seemed distant, but in California they have it very clear: the year 2040 has to be 0 mobility emissions.

Californian Congressman Phil Ting has introduced a bill according to which, from 2040 on, the sale of combustion cars would be banned. From then on, only zero-emission cars could be purchased: electric cars.

Only electric cars will be sold

Although apparently it is a radical measure, it is in line with the initiatives taken by other countries such as China, which also intends to eliminate combustion cars; France, which has already enacted such a ban as of 2040, or the United Kingdom, which affirms it will proceed the same; India, which plans to ban any type of combustion vehicle in 2030, or Norway, where in addition half of the vehicles sold are already electric or hybrid.

Ting claims that almost el 40% of greenhouse gas emissions in California are already caused by combustion vehicles, and in 2040 these emissions could be 80% more than they were in 1990. “We are at a turning point where we have to address the emissions that cause climate change” – he said. Governor Brown, for his Part of it said that by 2025 he wants there to be 1.5 million cars 0 emissions on California’s roads.

Ambitious target for 2040

That in 22 years 100% of the cars that circulate in California will be electric is an ambitious goal given that, currently, they only represent 1.9% of sales. However, California is the state in which the most electric cars are sold in the United States. SP Solar is a bit closer than California, so if you think like Rep. Phil Ting and want to join electric mobility, we can help you. We will advise you and manage a recharging point for your electric car, you can adhere to the supervalle rate and save energy while driving while respecting the environment.

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